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Renewable Energy & Clean Technology Conference: Day 3

May 07, 2010

The third and final day of OPIC’s investment conference, Renewable Energy & Clean Technology: Access to Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets, has been a continuation of the important discussions speakers and participants have had over the last two days about the opportunities and challenges they face by doing business in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors.

While this is the final day of the conference, it is only the beginning of new opportunities and partnerships that are expected to grow from the relationships that were started this week in New Delhi.

Click on the videos to see what participants are saying about the OPIC conference.

Mr. Inderpreet Wadhwa
President, Azure Power

Dr. Rifat Chalabi
Chairman & CEO, Chinook Sciences Group

Mr. Ruben Hernandez
Chairman of the Board, Greater San Jose Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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