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Creating an impact investing strategy: OPIC’s approach featured in Stanford Social Innovation Review

In recent years OPIC has made it a priority to support impact investing and between 2008 and 2012 the Agency supported $2.4 billion in impact investments. Some of the challenges it has encountered in this relatively new investing sector are discussed in this blog post in the Stanford Social innovation Review, where OPIC outlines the process it adopted for identifying impact investments and creating financial tools to support the strategy.

For the full piece, see: Creating a Future Impact Investing Strategy

A villager in a remote region of India picks up his daily supply of clean drinking water
A villager in a remote region of India picks up his daily supply of clean drinking water that has been purified by Healthpoint Services Global India Ltd., one of OPIC’s recent impact investments. OPIC financing of the project is supporting construction of hundreds of treatment facilities in rural Indian communities that have limited access to safe drinking water.

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