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Liberia: The next six years and beyond

OPIC Executive Vice President Mimi Alemayehou on Liberian President Johnson-Sirleaf

When Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf first became President of a war-torn Liberia in 2006, she helped usher in a period of reconciliation and rebuilding, as she worked to reduce poverty, strengthen businesses and forge stronger ties with the United States and foreign investors. This week President Johnson-Sirleaf – a recent Nobel Peace Prize winner — was inaugurated into her second term in office, a period that offers promise for continued growth and recovery.

As a partner in multiple Liberian businesses that are playing an important role in Picture of hat filled with woodchips rebuilding the country’s long-neglected infrastructure, OPIC, is looking forward to the next six years. It was during Johnson-Sirleaf’s first term that OPIC reopened operations in Liberia for the first time in 16 years. Our financing, political risk insurance, and support for investment funds have supported a range of projects, including plans to build affordable green homes, as well as expanding a school, constructing a hotel that will attract additional business activity, and producing biomass from aging rubber trees (pictured).

OPIC has a long history supporting industries from agriculture to financial services in Liberia, dating all the way back to the year the agency was founded in 1971. And while our expertise is working in developing, post-conflict regions, we cannot do our work without the support of local governments and businesses. As we congratulate President Johnson-Sirleaf on her her reelection, we also thank her administration for the work that is helping to make Liberia – like so much of Africa – a region poised for exceptional growth.


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