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OPIC’s Office of Accountability invites public comments on how it provides services

OPIC established its Office of Accountability (OA) in 2005 to provide an independent mechanism to address complaints or concerns that can arise around the environmental or social dimensions of OPIC-supported projects.  The office helps ensure that project workers and local communities have a voice in the projects that OPIC supports. To that end, it provides two primary services upon request: It convenes problem-solving processes for parties to a conflict and it investigates how OPIC applied relevant environmental and social policies in providing financial support for a project.

In an effort to ensure that it is effectively serving communities and other parties that may be impacted by OPIC-supported projects, the Office is seeking input on its new draft operational guidelines. Collecting input from the public is an important component of the broader update process, which also includes a survey of past users of the office’s services, a comparison to other accountability mechanisms at other financial institutions, and face to face consultations.

For further information on the update and on how to submit comments, visit the OA section of the OPIC website. The public comment period began on August 15 and will close in mid-October.

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