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In our words: New video features OPIC team on OPIC’s innovative spirit and impact

 What does the OPIC team have to say about OPIC?

“This is really a great place to be, to be able to make a difference, a real difference, a palpable difference in people’s lives around the world.”

“People have ingenuity, tenacity, and a real desire to make a positive impact in the world”

“This is a very high energy place. We are always exploring new ideas, new activities, new projects, and that breeds a lot of innovation and ideas for change.”

We often devote this blog to the stories of our partners and the people and communities throughout the developing world that their work benefits. However, OPIC’s own team displays a level of enthusiasm and commitment that helps explain why the Agency ranks as one of the top places to work in the federal government. This video shows just some of the many comments we received when we asked members of the OPIC team to talk about OPIC:

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The words say it all: OPIC’s team describes OPIC

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

OPIC 2015 Annual Report

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