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‘Renewable energy is critical’: OPIC is featured in The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post highlighted an upcoming trip by OPIC’s Brian O’Hanlon to a green energy conference in Israel.

O’Hanlon, OPIC’s director of business development for renewable energy and sustainable development, plans to attend the Eilat Eilot Green Energy Conference to identify green technology projects that can help emerging markets develop using a clean, sustainable energy strategy.

“Renewable energy is critical in our discussion on how we address climate change, yes, but also how we get economies in developing energy to technologically leapfrog the developed economies,” O’Hanlon said.

The Eilat Eilot conference, which takes place Dec. 7 to 9, is part of “Energy Week” in Israel. TheJerusalem Post article is here. To read more about OPIC’s work in renewable resources, click here.

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