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Next Stop for OPIC’s Small Business Workshop- New York City

Small business owners seeking advice at OPIC’s Expanding Horizons workshop
Small business owners seeking advice at OPIC’s Expanding Horizons workshop


OPIC is headed to New York City next month to host its second Expanding Horizons small business workshop of the year. On June 16, small businesses and entrepreneurs can attend this full day workshop to learn about the opportunities of expanding into emerging markets, and the OPIC finance and political risk insurance tools that are available to support them.

Since 2006, OPIC has hosted over 40 Expanding Horizons workshops across the United States, educating more than 4,500 American small businesses about the ways OPIC and other government agencies can help them gain access to developing markets overseas.

American small businesses have much to contribute and much to gain from the global economy and OPIC is committed to helping them invest in high-growth developing countries around the world. Joshi Technologies of Tulsa, Oklahoma used an OPIC loan to produce oil from the aging Palagua field in Colombia that was thought to be near the end of its producing life. With OPIC support, Joshi has been able to significantly increase yields on the aging oil field by applying its slanted drilling technology.

“As an American small business seeking to do business in Colombia, I knew that no bank in the U.S. would give us a loan. Without OPIC, it would not have been possible,” said Sadanand Joshi, President of Joshi Technologies.

As part of its ongoing commitment to support American small businesses in the global economy, OPIC will host additional Expanding Horizons workshops and seminars this year in Cincinnati, Charlotte and Oakland.

For more information and to register for one of the workshops please visit:

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