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OPIC’s small business workshop is making its way to Oakland

California-based Sambazon used OPIC financing to build a sustainable acai berry processing facility in the Brazilian rainforest.


OPIC is traveling to Oakland, Calif. this week to host its final Expanding Horizons small business workshop of the year. The full-day September 19 workshop teaches small businesses and entrepreneurs about the opportunities of expanding into emerging markets overseas, and the OPIC finance and political risk insurance tools that are available to support them.

Since 2006, OPIC has hosted more than 40 Expanding Horizons workshops, educating about 5,000 American small businesses on the resources available from OPIC and sister agencies to help them invest in emerging markets.

OPIC is committed to helping small American businesses participate in the global economy. One California partner, Sambazon of San Clemente, CA used a $3.7 million OPIC loan to build an açaí berry processing facility in Brazil’s rainforest when it was unable to obtain private financing. With OPIC’s support, Sambazon has grown from a small startup into a flourishing business that now sells acai juices nationwide, while helping thousands of family farmers in Brazil generate regular income.​​​​​​​

"As a small business without a lot of assets, we were challenged in the world of credit. OPIC's financing was immensely helpful to our success," said Ryan Black, CEO of Sambazon.

For more information and to register for Expanding Horizons please visit:

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