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Featured Photo: Expanding access to healthcare in Nigeria


Doctors at a Cedarcrest Orthopedic Clinic in Abuja show some of the advanced equipment at the facility, which has been expanded with the support of OPIC financing. At a time when limited healthcare has led many Nigerians to seek medical care in the U.S. or Europe, Cedarcrest is providing modern facilities in Abuja and Lagos that offer advanced surgical procedures.

Cedarcrest’s expansion was financed by SFC Finance Limited.  OPIC supports the project through its partner Microvest Capital Management. Microvest, joined with AfricInvestFMO, and Finnfund, to create SFC Finance Limited (SFC) to provide financing to small and medium enterprises in Africa.

Cedarcrest started in 2008 as a specialized orthopedic surgery facility in Abuja and has expanded to eye care and surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and limited general surgery, with a second facility in Lagos. It will use the financing from SFC to grow from 34 beds to 80 beds.

The Cedarcrest clinics often cater to many individuals, who are referred by other hospitals due to the complexity of the required procedures.

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