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Featured photo: Malian woman supports family with restaurant business

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In honor of Women’s Small Business Month, we’re featuring women in developing countries who have been able to start or grow a small business with the support of OPIC financing. The photo shows a mother of six in Mali preparing food to sell in her small restaurant that she has built with the help of microfinance loans from PAMIGA S.A., an OPIC partner. The profits she earns from her business help her provide for her children and family.

PAMIGA last year became the first recipient of financing through OPIC’s Portfolio for Impact (PI)program, which OPIC designed to provide financing to smaller impact investing projects that offer significant potential for positive social impact but may face challenges obtaining financing because they are small, or early stage. A pilot micro-loan program PAMIGA started in 2011 showed that by helping farmers purchase tools like irrigation equipment, they could produce more food and earn more income. Many of the beneficiaries of its lending are women in rural regions of Sub-Saharan Africa who struggle to access loans and other financial services.

Read more about PAMIGA here


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