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How OPIC is advancing the use of renewable energy around the world

This week, Secretary Kerry will host the Secretary’s Climate and Clean Energy Investment Forum, focusing on investments targeting clean energy, energy efficiency, and climate change in the developing world. Investors, corporations, philanthropies, and policymakers will convene to discuss and promote the impact that climate and clean energy investments can have in the battle against global climate change. Both the public and private sector, including OPIC, will highlight successful efforts to channel investments toward climate solutions.

Since 2009, OPIC has committed over $6 billion to renewable energy. This year marks the fifth consecutive year we’ve committed approximately $1 billion to renewable energy projects. During the last five years, more than 85 renewable energy projects in solar, wind, geothermal and access to energy, across the developing have been started through OPIC’s financing.

An overview of our current work is highlighted in this infographic.

Renewable Energy 10162015 FINAL

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