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An innovative approach to reducing blindness in Cameroon: OPIC featured in AllAfrica

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Cataract surgery being performed in Cameroon


October 12 is World Sight Day a day of awareness of blindness and vision impairment around the world. Like so many health challenges, blindness impacts the people of Africa disproportionately. It is twice as common in Africa as it is worldwide.

But blindness in Africa is usually treatable and OPIC recently committed a $2 million loan to the Africa Eye Foundation to support a project to provide sight-saving cataract surgery to as many as 18,000 people in Cameroon.

The project’s strong promise is rooted in its innovative structure, which is designed to support accountability and long-term success for the hospital, its patients, as well as investors and donors.

​​​​​​​Learn more in this piece in AllAfrica





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