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Manjula’s story: A look at one of the many entrepreneurs supported by OPIC investment

In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week we’re featuring this video of Manjula, an Indian factory worker turned entrepreneur who transformed her life with a small loan provided through an OPIC partnership with Citi.

Dissatisfied with her work in a garment factory, Manjula was able to start a small apparel business using a loan from the Indian microfinance institution Ujjivan, which is supported by Citi and OPIC. In addition to earning more income for her family she was able to create local jobs in her community. Hers is one of thousands of small, grass roots ventures that OPIC has helped support in order to strengthen local economies in the developing world through job creation and economic empowerment.

While OPIC has long been committed to supporting major development projects like power plants and water treatment facilities that require large investments of time and money, it also recognizes that empowering individuals and small businesses is a critical part of development.

As a small agency with a staff based almost exclusively in Washington, OPIC has limited means to connect directly with the remote individuals and communities that are often most in need of financial support. But by partnering with major banks and microfinance institutions, it is able to reach this “last mile” of development.

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