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OPIC partner Lumos recognized in “transformational business” awards

OPIC partner Nova Lumos makes home solar kits that are affordable and portable. Lumos home solar systems are portable and easy to install.


Nova Lumos, an OPIC partner that is introducing home solar systems in Nigeria, was recognized with a special commendation in Financial Times/International Financial Corporation’s Transformational Business Awards for achievement in low-carbon urban transformation.

Lumos was recognized as “a company whose impact goes well beyond its sector by offering a novel and affordable solution to the acute challenge of access to energy.”

In Africa, where about two-thirds of the population lacks a reliable and consistent supply of electricity, one of the biggest challenges addressing this vast energy poverty is reaching all the remote populations that are not grid-connected. Nova Lumos developed home solar systems that are portable, affordable, easy to install, and also incorporate secure mobile payment systems for ease of use. With the support of OPIC financing, Lumos is introducing the system in Nigeria, where almost 90 million people live off the grid.

Lumos home solar systems can be used to power lights, fans, cell phone chargers, and other small appliances, so that children can do their homework after dark, small businesses can stay open longer, and people can live in the comfort that lighting, cooling from an electric fan, or access to a computer provide.

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