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OPIC partners pay back: American International School of Abuja


(Part 4 in an ongoing series)

In 2006, OPIC committed a $3,250,000 loan to support the construction of a new campus for the American International School of Abuja (AISA), a day school educating Nigerian and international students from preschool to grade 12 in Nigeria’s capital. Last year, AISA joined a long list of OPIC partners to repay their loans in full, underscoring the strength of OPIC’s development finance model.

Today AISA is a vibrant school that provides locals and expatriate students with an American curriculum that will prepare them for college in Nigeria or abroad. About 40 percent of the school students are Nigerian and an additional 5% are from other African countries.

In addition to expanding access to quality education in central Nigeria, AISA actively supports Nigerian public schools in the region by training teachers in literacy teaching techniques and the use of technology in the classroom and donating used books, computers and supplies. It also offers scholarships to local students who cannot afford tuition.

OPIC is able to operate as a self-sustaining U.S. Government agency because it works with clients that have strong business plans for supporting development, and generates money from the projects it supports. In fiscal year 2015, 35 OPIC partners repaid their OPIC loans in full, representing a total of $656.2 million over the life of the loans.

Read more about some other OPIC partners that have repaid their loans in full.

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