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The hard and necessary work of investing in the world’s most vulnerable places

Afghanistan HuffPo
OPIC supports a project in Afghanistan that helps suppliers of raw cashmere build a supply chain and sell their product for export. The business has helped create more than 1,500 jobs for the men and women in the region.


“As Afghanistan moves forward with its own security forces and a democratically elected unity government, business will be key to sustaining the momentum catalyzed by the massive U.S. and international efforts over the last decade,” OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield writes inThe Huffington Post.

The piece, which outlines OPIC’s work supporting development in vulnerable places from Afghanistan to Ukraine, notes that though the work is not easy, it supports national interests.

“When investing in regions that are vulnerable to violent conflict, progress is often slow and unsteady and setbacks are common. But supporting the sort of private sector investment that will create businesses, jobs and opportunity that can promote stability is a key step toward moving beyond conflict. This is a critical part of the work OPIC does not just in Afghanistan, but around the world, from Jordan to Pakistan, the West Bank, Ukraine and Nigeria.”

See Littlefield’s full column in The Huffington Post.

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