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The Quiet Global Transformation of Global Development: OPIC featured in Huffington Post

U.S. Business As a Force for Good Infographic


The Huffington Post featured a piece by OPIC’s President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield on the transformation of global development in recent years.

In the piece Littlefield highlights how aid and investment in emerging markets has changed dramatically. Decades ago, private capital was a small fraction of aid dollars. Since then, that private capital investment has grown roughly 100-fold and the ratio of aid to investment has flipped.

“Today, every $1 in aid to developing nations is dwarfed by nearly $7 in private investment. This means much more economic development in poorer countries can be accomplished with private capital instead of with taxpayer money; like building affordable housing or power plants, for example,” Littlefield said.

Read more here about why Littlefield believes foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of the critical tools we have for channeling capital in an efficient and effective manner.

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