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OPIC featured in Private Equity International

OPIC’s Investment Funds Department supports private equity investments in a range of sectors and regions, including agriculture in Africa


​​​​​​​Emerging markets will generate 60 percent of global gross domestic product by 2020, according to the Emerging Market Private Equity Association. This might imply investors would, or should, be allocating 60 percent of their investment capital to the space.


To the contrary, developing countries attract about 15 or 20 percent of the private equity wallet, despite having both higher relative growth rates and higher total economic activity, Brooks Preston, Vice President of OPIC’s Investment Funds Departments writes in the December issue of Private Equity International.


Preston outlines the ways OPIC helps encourage investment in these promising, often high-growth markets, in part by addressing the risk – both real and perceived – of working in emerging markets.


See Preston’s piece here

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