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Featured Photo: On Mother’s Day, OPIC’s support to African medical care helps new mothers

OPIC Mothers Day

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 10, this photo shows the Mission Mbagala Dispensary, a small clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, tending to a new mother and her infant. Supported by an OPIC loan, the clinic is one of several that have been able to use loans from the Medical Credit Fund to support upgrades, expansions and purchase new equipment to tend to patients.

In 2014, OPIC awarded MFC with an OPIC Impact Award in the Access to Finance category for the project, which not only provided loans to these clinics, but helped them to establish a track record of borrowing and repayment to build eligibility for larger bank loans. In addition to raising money from OPIC to support this lending, MCF is also supported by multiple nonprofits.

OPIC is proud to recognize some of our outstanding partners with our 2015 OPIC Impact Awards for excellence in development. The awards, which will be presented on May 19, will highlight another distinguished group of OPIC clients who are doing important works in emerging economies around the world.

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