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Featured Photo: Peruvian artisan turns craft into a successful business

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Peruvian artisan, Inés Callanaupa, received financing through OPIC-partner Global Partnerships to grow her business and is an example of how OPIC reached a milestone of $1 billion in microfinance loans. Callanaupa has used the financing to turn her craft of textile weaving into a successful business that enables her to support her family and employ 45 other women. Many entrepreneurial women are often limited by their inability to access financial services, such as loans, to expand their operations and hire workers.

Seattle-based Global Partnerships supports lending to local social enterprises that combines financial support with additional non-financial services such as education, training, and healthcare. Integrating credit with other social services, which can truly help these poor communities, is challenging. Working with Global Partnerships, OPIC can help microfinance institutions and other social enterprises create more opportunities for people living in poverty.

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