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Investing in Africa's next stage of growth: OPIC featured in Ghana News

Photo of Edward Burrier, OPIC Vice President, Office of External Affairs, OPIC, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Executive Staff, investing in Ghana, Ghana, Ghana News Agency, West Africa, Ghana Home Loans, capital flow, investment, impact investing, development finance, public diplomacy“There was a time when relatively few foreign investors recognized Africa’s potential. But for several years now, Africa has been widely seen as a region that not only had a great need for investment in infrastructure, healthcare, technology and agriculture, but also a place that offered investors some of the best opportunities on the planet,” OPIC Vice President Edward Burrier writes in a piece published by the Ghana News Agency.

“Indeed, while aid dollars have traditionally dominated capital flows into Africa, investment is growing rapidly. As these investors tap into Africa’s potential, they are also helping to fuel its growth.”

Burrier is traveling with an OPIC delegation this week to Ghana and other West Africa countries to visit some of the projects OPIC has supported in the region, such as Ghana Home Loans, which has helped expanded mortgage lending to low- and middle income borrowers in and around Accra and Kumasi.

Read Burrier’s piece here
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