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OPIC by the numbers: 2017

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OPIC committed to multiple projects in 2017 to increase support for women in the developing world and unlock the multi-trillion dollar investment opportunity they represent.


As 2017 comes to a close, we take a look back at some of the accomplishments OPIC has made over the past year.  One key metric that captures the Agency’s progress, is the growth of the total global portfolio. In 2017, OPIC committed $3.8 billion across 111 new projects ranging from energy and housing, to agriculture and technology, to small business and critical infrastructure, bringing OPIC’s global portfolio to $23.23 billion.

OPIC marked its 40th straight year as a self-sustaining U.S. Agency that operates at no net cost to U.S. taxpayers and generates money for deficit reduction. In 2017, OPIC generated $262 million for the U.S. Treasury, which works out to more than $965,000 per employee, based on OPIC’s 271-member staff. Over OPIC’s history, the agency has generated $8.6 billion for deficit reduction.

OPIC’s portfolio spans finance and political risk insurance projects in more than 90 countries. This reflects a growing recognition of development finance as an effective tool to address major challenges from poverty and food insecurity to limited access to modern services such as financial services.

Here are few more key numbers for 2017:

$23.23 billion

OPIC’s global portfolio

$3.8 billion

In new commitments in 2017


New projects committed in 2017


Amount of additional capital every dollar of OPIC support mobilizes

$6.8 Billion

Total capital mobilized in 2017

$262 million

Amount OPIC generated in 2017 for deficit reduction


Number of consecutive years OPIC has generated money for deficit reduction


Number of countries where OPIC has active projects


Share of OPIC projects in conflict-affected regions


Number of host country jobs new OPIC projects are projected to support


OPIC employees


Amount per employee OPIC returned to the U.S. Treasury


“OPIC’s growing portfolio and our financial success underscore the strength of our model of investing in development. The projects we support are having a tangible, positive impact in people’s lives around the world, while supporting American business and U.S. foreign policy objectives, and generating financial returns,” said Ray W. Washburne, OPIC President and Chief Executive Officer.

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