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A plan to empower more than 1 million women: OPIC featured in The Huffington Post

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Many women in the developing world are sidelined from economic progress because of limited access to financial services like savings accounts, loans and insurance.

The Huffington Post features a piece by OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield and Bob Annibale, Citi’s Global Director of Community Development and Microfinance, on an OPIC-Citi partnership that addresses this challenge. Through a joint program to provide microfinance loans in some of the world’s poorest places, Citi and OPIC have so far provided $386 million in loans to more than 40 microfinance institutions in 20 countries. More than one million women have benefited.

“Greater financial inclusion for women would increase savings rates, small business growth and job creation,” Littlefield and Annibale write in the article. “It’s good for our economies and the expansion of sustainable growth and development. It would also make money, and the use of it, safer and easier for women and their families.”

The piece, which was written to mark International Women’s Day, can be read here.

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