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Desalination, irrigation, sanitation and more: How OPIC supports access to clean water in the developing world

Clean water is essential to life and also to addressing many of the world’s biggest development challenges from poverty to malnutrition. World leaders formally recognized the importance of water to development last year when they included access to water and sanitation for all as one of 17 goals that comprised the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

OPIC has long supported access to clean water through a variety of projects from major infrastructure construction to small-scale microfinance lending. OPIC’s commitment to renewable resources recognizes that a rapidly growing world population is putting greater strains on all the world’s resources, making efficient, sustainable use essential.

This commitment has yielded some striking results. A decade ago OPIC provided financing to an innovative water project in Algeria, to build a desalination facility that makes ocean water drinkable. Today the reverse-osmosis water desalination facility provides water for hundreds of thousands of families in and around Algiers.

This infographic shows some of the other ways OPIC supports access to clean water across the developing world.


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