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Elizabeth Littlefield on Earth Day, past, present and future

“Over the past year we have witnessed an unprecedented flow of industry and think tank data and research showing the increasing feasibility and attractiveness of renewable energy in developing nations, where most of the world’s population lives,” OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield wrote in this piece in Institutional Investor on Earth Day at 45. “Four and a half decades after Earth Day’s inception, green investment is going places.

Littlefield also published a piece in The Huffington Post on the forces that are converging to make renewable resources such a major investment opportunity. “A rapidly growing, urbanized, global middle class is living and working in ways that are accelerating consumption of already scarce resources,” she wrote.

Investing in renewable resources – including renewable energy as well as sustainable agriculture, clean water and forest preservation – is a key priority for OPIC. The Agency’s investments in renewable energy projects including solar, wind and biomass power, have increased almost 10 times since 2009.

The full posts can be seen here:

Institutional Investor: 45 years later, Earth Day is just getting started
Huffington Post: Why the earth is an investment opportunity


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