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Featured photo: Improving low-income housing in Cambodia

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A family in Cambodia applies for a home loan improvement loan facilitated by Habitat for Humanity’s Microbuild fund, an OPIC partner. Microbuild has used OPIC financing to improve its lending capacity to microfinance institutions, which in turn provide housing loans to low and middle income families throughout much of the developing world.

In addition to supporting loans to populations that have little or no access to formal financial services, MicroBuild provides technical support to help families secure land tenure, purchase land and construct and improve their homes.

Through a longstanding partnership with MicroBuild, OPIC support has helped thousands of families in 19 countries from Azerbaijan to Cambodia purchase or improve their homes. An initial $45 million loan to MicroBuild in 2012 has supported 30 loans to microfinance institutions, which in turn have provided more than 44,000 loans to individual borrowers, more than half of them women. In 2015, OPIC committed an additional $45 million to MicroBuild to support lending to microfinance institutions making housing loans.

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