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Featured photo: Raising healthy cattle in Zambia















A herd of cattle at a small farm in southern Zambia where OPIC partner Silverlands Fund has worked to improve livestock health. Silverlands invests in a variety of agricultural businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa, including multiple cattle farms, where it has invested in vaccinations and more nutritious feedstock to help dramatically reduce disease. Silverlands has taken this same approach to improve yields at small-holder produce and livestock farms throughout Southern and Eastern Africa.

One of the key ways OPIC supports development is by providing financing and political risk insurance to emerging market private equity funds, which often have deep expertise in the local markets in which they invest.

OPIC approved financing to the Silverlands Fund in 2011. In 2014, OPIC finalized a $350 million political risk facility (with the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Fund) to protect each investment made by Silverlands.

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