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Four data points showing five years of progress at OPIC


OPIC’s 2014 annual report … in addition to highlighting full year results … offers some data on the Agency’s progress over the past five years.

These include:

Steady growth in OPIC’s total portfolio:

Portfolio Growth












A sharp increase in renewable energy commitments:

Renewable Energy Commitment  











A strong focus on investing in Sub-Saharan Africa, which accounted for more than a quarter of new commitments in 2014:

Commitments to SSA  











Consistent track record operating as a self-sustaining agency that generates money for federal deficit reduction:

Deficit Reduction





“With a 40-year track record of achieving positive impact in developing countries, while at the same time helping American businesses tap into those fast-growing international markets and generating positive returns for the U.S. taxpayer, OPIC has shown that its model for development works,” OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield writes in the report. “Year after year, the work of this small agency shows that business can be a force for good.” See OPIC’s full 2014 annual report here.

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