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In case you missed it: OPIC in Action – The story behind Sambazon

As one of the companies responsible for introducing the açaí berry – which is indigenous to Brazil – to the U.S. market, Sambazon sustainably processes and distributes açaí juice to the U.S. and beyond, providing income for 10,000 family farmers in Brazil. Development finance from OPIC was instrumental in the growth of the company, which has a crucial development impact both in Brazil and in the U.S.

Sambazon was created by entrepreneurs from California who tasted the nutrient-rich açaí berries during a surfing trip in Brazil. With the support of a $3.7 million loan from OPIC, Sambazon was able to build their main manufacturing facility and establish quality production and socially responsible cultivation of açaí. Sambazon works with more than 30 different communities in the Amazon and supports them through the building of schools, community centers and medical centers.

This video tells Sambazon’s story and shows the positive impact both in Brazil and for Sambazon’s California operations as a result of OPIC’s development finance support.

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