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On Earth Day, some highlights of sustainable development around the world

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This week, we’ve focused on the projects we are supporting to advance sustainable development around the world, and the progress that is being made in making the most of the world’s resources.

Some highlights:

OPIC supports sustainable development in projects from Brazil to RwandaThis slideshow of some key OPIC projects shows how we have supported small farmers producing açaí berries in the Brazilian rainforest, rural milk producers in Georgia and the development of off-grid solar power in Sub-Saharan Africa.

OPIC is a leader in supporting renewable energy in the developing world. “At a time when so much energy demand is coming from some of the least developed regions on the planet, we must look to those countries not only as places of great need, but also as early adopters of innovative ideas and technologies,” OPIC Vice President Judith Pryor wrote on Medium. See: Developing countries play a vital role in the health of the earth

OPIC has learned important lessons that will support more sustainable development in the future. OPIC has committed about $1 billion a year in recent years to renewable energy projects and while those numbers may suggest we had the wind at our backs, we have faced challenges and learned lessons along the way,” OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth L. Littlefield explained in The Huffington Post.

See: How to make every day Earth Day


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