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On World Energy Day a look at one innovative OPIC partner that delivers solar power in a box

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On World Energy Day, we feature a young girl in Nigeria who is able to do her homework after dark with the help of a solar light powered by Lumos, an OPIC partner that provides off-grid solar solutions to remote communities. With the support of OPIC financing, Lumos will be able to provide power access to some of the nearly 90 million Nigerians who are not connected to the electric grid.

Lumos makes home solar stations that are small enough to be carried by foot or bicycle, and are simple to install. The yellow Lumos boxes are about the size of a small suitcase and connect to a rooftop solar panel. They can be used to power lights, fans, cellphone chargers and other small appliances. This innovation helps children do homework after dark, small businesses stay open longer and people live in the comfort that lighting, cooling from an electric fan or access to a computer provide. Lumos customers can buy solar-powered electricity on a lease-to-own basis and pay via mobile phone.

The number often cited to describe Sub-Saharan Africa’s energy poverty is 600 million people, about two-thirds of the population, live without access to power. But that number, while staggering, fails to capture the extent of the problem in some remote regions where fewer than ten percent of the population have electricity.

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