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What renewable energy investors can learn from Chile

Solar panels in Chile’s Atacama Desert OPIC has supported the development of multiple solar projects in Chile’s Atacama Desert.


While many countries have sought to accelerate the development of renewable resources, Chile has been particularly successful in doing so. As of October, Chile’s installed renewable energy capacity was 1.8 gigawatts, with 855 more megawatts under construction.

In this guest post in an industry publication, OPIC Structured Finance directors James Meffen and Dairo Isomura analyzed Chile’s success and outlined some potential headwinds on the horizon. Writing in Regional Profiles: Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean, the authors note that while there are “compelling reasons” for Chile’s success to continue, it will require planning and proper risk assessment.

Regional Profiles is published by ACORE, the American Council on Renewable Energy.

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