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Guest Post: How to Bring Financial Services to the Poor: Go Digital

Woman in a developing country paying a bill

This post is reprinted from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Impatient Optimists blog, where it first ran. While the topic of improving financial services to poor communities is a subject of great focus for OPIC, the views expressed are those of the author.

By Jason Lamb

Most of us in the developed world don’t think twice about how we conduct our financial lives. Our paychecks appear automatically in our checking accounts; bills are paid with the tap of a few keys; we swipe our debit card and a barista hands us a cup of coffee. Simple. Convenient. Low cost. Digital. For people in the developing world, it’s another story. It’s much more complicated. It’s hardly ever convenient. And rarely digital.

To read more, visit the Impatient Optimists blog.

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