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Featured photo: Supporting economic growth through major infrastructure projects

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The Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, which was expanded with the support of OPIC financing, is an example of OPIC’s longstanding commitment to critical infrastructure projects in emerging markets.

OPIC’s ability to provide large amounts of financing with long tenors, when private financing is not available, makes the Agency uniquely suited to support this sort of major infrastructure that requires large investments of time and money.

OPIC financing helped the Juan Santamaria airport double capacity, supporting a growing tourism industry in Costa Rica. In addition to supporting multiple airport projects, OPIC has in recent years also supported the construction of multiple power plants, a 200-mile water pipeline in Jordan and a water desalination facility in Algeria.

Last year, Aeris Holding, the operating company of the Juan Santamaria airport, joined a growing list of OPIC clients who have repaid their loans in full. Read more

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