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Did you know: In developing countries, one restaurant can bring many benefits

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In downtown Tbilisi, Georgia, this Dunkin’ Donuts provides a place for locals to gather and enjoy a sweet treat in a country still rebuilding from a turbulent past. OPIC financing is supporting the introduction of a group of restaurants in Georgia franchised under the Dublin, Ohio-based Wendy’s International Inc. brand, which includes Dunkin’ Donuts. OPIC’s support for American franchises operating in developing countries deliver multiple benefits beyond the food the customers enjoy:

Local jobs. The Wendy’s project in Georgia is projected to open multiple restaurants and support over a thousand local jobs.

Improved food safety standards. By training workers in food safety, the project helps introduce best practices and elevate standards across the country.

Modern infrastructure. Georgia’s capitol city has endured significant conflict in its modern history and needs more modern infrastructure to support local business activity and support key industries such as tourism.

This restaurant is one of the multiple projects OPIC has supported to help promote economic growth in the former Soviet Republic, a country about the size of South Carolina that sits on the southern border of Russia, less than 200 miles from Iran. OPIC has supported more than 50 projects in Georgia across a range of sectors from healthcare and education to agriculture and small business lending.

Learn more about OPIC’s work in Georgia in this video


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