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Featured Photo: A look at one of last year’s OPIC Impact Awards winners


As we get ready to host the 2016 OPIC Impact Awards, here is a look at one of last year’s winners:Belstar Development. This picture shows healthcare workers in Ghana who are receiving training on new equipment being introduced as part of a sweeping program to improve the quality and access to healthcare. Belstar is a Miami company that is serving as the lead investor in the program and OPIC is supporting Belstar with political risk insurance.

During the 2015 Impact Awards, Belstar officials spoke about the positive impact the project had had in Ghana and well as the support OPIC had provided.

“OPIC is probably the only institution that allowed us to execute this project,” said Arthur Polk, Manager of Belstar Development. “Political risk insurance is primarily used by companies to go into difficult markets. Without this insurance, the cost of financing would be so high that financing might not be able to go forward.”

OPIC will host the 2016 Impact Awards July 7 at 4 p.m. EDT. Follow the event on Twitter at #OPICImpact.

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