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Featured Photo: Empowering female farmers

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A worker in Ghana prepares shea nuts for sale at a farm supported by OPIC partner Root Capital. Root is a Cambridge, Mass. nonprofit social investment fund that provides loans to rural farms in Latin America and Africa who cannot access traditional bank loans, and also provides additional education and training to help these farmers improve productivity and bring their products to market.

Shea nuts are a key ingredient in many cosmetics and this farm supported by Root Capital was able to use a small loan to expand production and connect to larger markets, and sell to some global cosmetics manufacturers.

This image is just one of many examples of how investing in development benefits women, including all the women around the world who own or work on smallholder farms.

In honor of this week’s International Women’s Day, read more about how OPIC’s work supports the world’s women here:

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Learn more about Root Capital here


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