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Featured Photo: Off-grid power for homes in remote areas of Uganda

Photo Credit: SunFunder


In Uganda, a family places a portable solar light and device charger outside of their home. OPIC approved $15 million in financing to California-based SunFunder’s Beyond the Grid Solar Fund. SunFunder provides financing to smaller companies operating in developing countries that manufacture, distribute, and install solar lighting and energy systems. This project was able to obtain OPIC financing through OPIC’s Innovative Financial Intermediaries Program (IFIP), which focuses on smaller investment funds that apply innovative approaches to address specific development challenges.

The types of off-grid solar products, from companies supported by SunFunder, range from portable solar powered lamps to 200W solar home systems to 500kW diesel replacement systems. The impact of having bright, durable and safe energy illustrates how off-grid technology can reach some of the world’s most remote people.


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