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Featured Photo: Modernizing Rwanda's coffee industry and supporting small farmers

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In Rwanda, OPIC President and CEO Ray W. Washburne and OPIC Vice President and General Counsel William Doffermyre look at coffee beans that are processed at the Westrock Coffee’s Rwanda Trading Company facility. With support of OPIC political risk insurance, Little Rock, Arkansas-based Westrock Coffee helped modernize Rwanda’s coffee industry by providing training to thousands of local coffee growers to help them increase yields, connecting farmers with international buyers, and by investing in upgrades through much of the infrastructure across the production chain. Rwanda coffee growers are earning more income and the coffee they produce can now be purchased in major grocery chains in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Washburne is traveling throughout Africa to explore investment opportunities and to highlight OPIC’s Connect Africa investment initiative to invest $1 billion over three years to projects supporting telecommunications and internet access, value chains that connect producers of raw materials to end users, and essential infrastructure, such as roads, railways, ports, and airports. These commitments to connectivity will support economic growth and shore up regional security.


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