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Featured Photo: OPIC’s Expanding Horizons series kicks-off in Oregon

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In Portland, Oregon this week, more than 60 small businesses and entrepreneurs from 16 states learned about OPIC’s finance and insurance products that support investment in emerging markets at the first Expanding Horizons workshop for 2017. Since 2006, this outreach program has held over 40 events throughout the United States and educated more than 4,500 American small businesses about the resources available from OPIC to help them compete in the global marketplace.

American small businesses have much to gain from engaging in the global economy and OPIC is committed to supporting them in emerging markets around the world. OPIC is the primary federal agency helping small businesses gain foothold in emerging markets through investment. Businesses attending the seminars and workshops will learn the details of OPIC’s financing and political risk insurance.

Small businesses can learn more about the benefits of expanding overseas and the OPIC finance and political risk insurance tools that can support them, by attending an upcoming OPIC Expanding Horizons workshop. On June 16, OPIC heads to New York City for the next workshop in the series. Register and learn more about OPIC’s Expanding Horizons workshops here.

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