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Featured photo: OPIC partner in Tanzania supports the community with clean drinking water

Alistair Group

In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, a woman carries home clean water, provided by OPIC partner Alistair Group, which installed a water spigot, providing clean potable water for use by families in the community.

Alistair Group, a shipping and logistics company that is helping make freight transport in West Africa more reliable and efficient, used a $7 million OPIC loan to expand its fleet. While the business supports companies in the mining oil and gas sectors as well as relief organizations, Alistair is also committed to supporting the people in its community with clean water, high wages and benefits for its workers.

This week OPIC launched a series of photo essays on Alistair Group and other projects, showing the far-reaching impacts they are having on their communities and beyond. To learn more visit these pages.


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