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Featured Photo: Oregon small business invests in sustainable agriculture in Indonesia

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As OPIC prepares to travel to Oregon to kick off our 2017 Expanding Horizons workshop series for U.S. small businesses looking to expand abroad in emerging markets, we feature one of our Oregon small business partners, Big Tree Farms.

The Ashland, Oregon business works with local farmers in Indonesia to produce a variety of food products derived from fresh coconut flower nectar. It generates annual revenues of over $15 million selling health foods to retailers from Whole Foods to Costco, and is growing at about 30 percent a year. The business benefits local Indonesian coconut farmers by helping them earn higher margins, as well as small American businesses that package and ship the product.

OPIC committed a $3.7 million loan to Ashland, Oregon-based Big Tree Farms to help scale up operations, expand processing and production centers, and increase farmer training in sustainable agriculture and responsible land use.

“While the OPIC financing was critical to our continued growth, the due diligence process provided a valuable education and launched us into a more professional phase of growth,” says Big Tree Farms co-Founder and co-CEO Ben Ripple.

On May 4, small businesses are welcome to attend OPIC’s half-day seminar in Portland, Oregon to learn about the benefits of expanding overseas and the OPIC finance and political risk insurance tools that can support them. Register and learn more about OPIC’s Expanding Horizons workshops here.


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