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Featured Photo: Providing clean drinking water to hundreds of thousands of families in Algiers


In Algeria, where the Sahara meets the Mediterranean, sea water is abundant but drinking water is scarce. The Hamma Water Desalination plant uses reverse osmosis technology to transform sea water, a resource that is abundant but unusable in its natural form, into the most essential substance of human life. Today it provides clean drinking water to hundreds of thousands of families in and around Algiers.

The Hamma Desalination plant was built by Ionics Inc., a Watertown Massachusetts company that was later acquired by GE. OPIC supported the project with $200 million in financing while the Algerian Energy Company agreed to take a minority stake in the plant.

Hamma Water Desalination SpA was honored at the 2016 OPIC Impact Awards for Excellence in Development with the Impact Award in the critical infrastructure category.


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