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Featured photo: Support for small businesses in the Middle East

Elizabeth Littlefield and employees of a water bottling company in Ramallah

OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth Littlefield toured a water bottling company in Ramallah this week during her trip to the West Bank, Israel and Jordan. This company received financing through the nonprofit Middle East Investment Initiative, an OPIC partner that supports small businesses in the Middle East. These small enterprises are critical to the region’s economic growth and job creation, but often struggle to obtain traditional bank financing.

In the West Bank, where water is commonly stored in rooftop tanks that may become contaminated with microbes, demand is strong for bottled water. This particular water bottling business has grown from 11 employees operating three delivery trucks,  three years ago to 20 employees and six delivery trucks today.

Photo credit: U.S. Consulate General, Jerusalem

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