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Featured Photo: Sustainable agriculture in Burundi

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(photo credit: Hailey Tucker/One Acre Fund)


In honor of Earth Day 2017, this week’s featured photo highlights sustainable agriculture in Burundi. Juvenal, a smallholder farmer in Burundi, stands in a sea of wheat that he has grown with the help of OPIC partner One Acre Fund.

Before learning how to microdose fertilizer and compost, Juvenal would plant 5 kilograms of wheat seed and harvest only 14 kilograms wheat. Since receiving sustainable agriculture training and support from One Acre Fund, he is now able to plant 1.5 kilograms of seed and harvest over 40 kilograms of wheat.

In Africa, many smallholder farmers are unable to grow enough food to feed their families throughout the year. Often they lack modern farming equipment, technical knowledge, quality seeds and fertilizers, and the financing to access them. With a $10 million OPIC loan, One Acre Fund, a New York based non-profit, is able to reach these very small farmers in Africa, and provide tools and training to grow and sell more food.

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