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Featured Photo: Women working to advance food security in Tanzania

Photo, three women standing on John Deere tractor in a field in Tanzania. Kilombero Plantations Limited, OPIC, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, food security, Carter Colemon, OPIC financing


In honor of Feed the Future week, we are showcasing some of the ways OPIC supports increased food production around the world. In Tanzania, these three women show off one of the tractors they operate at the Kilombero Plantations Limited (KPL) Mngeta Farm. OPIC financing is helping Kilombero Plantations Limited increase production of rice, mung beans, and maize, which are important food staples in Tanzania, where one in every 12 households are considered vulnerable to food insecurity.

With the OPIC-financing, Kilombero will introduce advanced farming equipment such as overhead center-pivot irrigation, tractors and combines and upgrade a mini-hydro plant and transmission system to provide power to Mngeta Farm.

“Agriculture is a risk and financing in the emerging world does not exist or is too prohibitively expensive to compete,” said KPL Founder and CEO Carter Coleman. “We would not have been able to make the investment if it was not for the existence of OPIC.”





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