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New legislation recognizes food security as a top global development priority

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This OPIC-supported project helps small farmers in Africa access advanced equipment to increase yields and expand their growing seasons. Learn more

The Global Food Security Act, which passed earlier this month, paves the way for the implementation of a formal U.S. strategy to address world hunger and nutrition aimed at placing food-insecure countries on a path toward self-sufficiency, building resistance to food shocks and reducing reliance on emergency food assistance.

While significant progress has been made in reducing hunger worldwide, much work remains. This formal recognition of food security as a top global development priority builds on the work of multiple U.S. Government Agencies from USAID to OPIC, along with the U.S. Feed the Future initiative, which has been working to end global hunger by improving farm yields, reducing childhood stunting and improving the earnings potential of small farmers from Sub-Saharan Africa to Asia and Central America.

With a focus on mobilizing private capital to address major development challenges, OPIC supports multiple projects aimed at advancing food security, both by empowering farmers to produce more food and reach larger markets, as well as building the infrastructure that will support food production, storage and transportation through access to electricity and clean water. The projects OPIC currently supports are helping almost one million smallholder farmers earn a living.

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