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Slideshow: How OPIC invests in women

By investing in development, OPIC invests in women. As the world marks International Women’s Day, these images show some of the women who have benefited from our work.


Helping farmers in Africa earn more income. OPIC supports multiple projects, such as the One Acre Fund, that provide financing and training to smallholder farmers so they can grow more food and reach more markets. Learn more



Empowering entrepreneurs in India. OPIC’s support for microfinance lender Ujjivan has helped female entrepreneurs start and grow businesses and hire employees. Learn more



Supporting microentrepreneurs in Ecuador. This woman raising chickens in Ecuador is one of many rural “microentrepreneurs” OPIC supports through Global Partnerships, which provides small loans to people in poor, rural communities who often lack access to formal financial services. Learn more



Jobs in Georgia. OPIC financing has helped Sante GMT expand a milk processing facility in Georgia, creating jobs and income for rural farmers. Learn more



Financing for entrepreneurs in Lebanon. OPIC partner Global Communities provides financing and other support to help improve the lives of the world’s poor like this store owner who used a loan to diversify her product line. Learn more



Expanding access to healthcare in Ghana. OPIC political risk insurance is supporting Belstar Development in a major project to improve the quality and availability of healthcare in Ghana. Learn more



Access to affordable housing. OPIC’s longstanding partnership with Habitat for Humanity’s Microbuild Fund has provided more than 44,000 home loans to individual borrowers – more than half of them women – from Azerbaijan to Cambodia. Learn more



Introducing clean cookstoves around the world. OPIC financing is helping Envirofit Internationalintroduce clean cookstoves to replace open fire stoves, which are a major source of indoor air pollution and respiratory illness. Learn more



Employment in Afghanistan. OPIC financing has helped American Wool and Cashmere create a delivery infrastructure for wool farmers to get their product to market, employing about 1,500 women in a region that offers few job opportunities. Learn more



Humanitarian support around the world. OPIC political risk insurance supports the work of the International Rescue Committee responding to humanitarian crises in more than 20 countries. Learn more

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