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Investing in women is investing in the future: OPIC President and CEO featured in The Hill

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OPIC partner Global Partnerships has a solid track record of successful fund managment and approximately three-quarters of its borrowers are women.


“Like any emerging market, the world’s women represent both a significant need for investment and a significant opportunity for investors. As an emerging market, this female market is more than twice the size of China and India combined,” OPIC President and CEO Ray W. Washburne writes in a piece published by The Hill.

“Through OPIC’s 2X Women’s Initiative, we are committing to doing more to support women directly because we know that investing in women is one of the most effective ways of empowering communities, expanding opportunities for the next generation and promoting stability.”

Yesterday, OPIC unveiled its global 2X Women’s Initiative, which will mobilize more than $1 billion to projects that support women in developing countries, unlocking the multi-trillion dollar investment opportunity women represent. As part of the new initiative, OPIC will directly invest $350 million in projects that will support lending to women-owned businesses, female entrepreneurs, as well as women-owned and women-led emerging market private equity funds.

Read Washburne’s piece published by The Hill here

Learn more about OPIC’s 2X Women’s Initiative




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