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Senate Approves Plan to Double Funding for Global Infrastructure Projects

The Wall Street Journal | October 3, 2018

A Foreign Adventure Worth America's Money

Bloomberg | September 27, 2018

China hasn't changed belt and road's 'predatory overseas investment model', US official says

South China Morning Post | September 13, 2018

Self-sustaining government agency helps US business invest in emerging markets

Fox Business | September 25, 2018

Congress set to pass foreign development aid overhaul

The Hill | September 24, 2018

Congress considering measure to boost U.S. investment in international infrastructure

Marketplace | September 4, 2018
Audio, segment starts at 11:25

The U.S. can counter China's 'Belt and Road Initiative'

The Washington Post | September 4, 2018

To Counter China, U.S. Looks to Invest Billions More Overseas

The Wall Street Journal | August 31, 2018

How the BUILD Act advances development

The Brookings Institution | July 10, 2018

A Better Economic Development Model

The New York Times | June 28, 2018

Sen. Coons on OPIC, China

Bloomberg | June 26, 2018